Cel Hemingway

Cel's personal yoga practice started several years ago at the Recreation Center inOrem, Utah. From there, she embarked upon a journey that would take her through Anusara Yoga, Kryia meditations, yoga philosophy, mantra chanting, and finally Ashtanga yoga. After more than 500 hours of training, thousands of teaching hours and various workshops, she comes to Springville to share her love of yoga with you. "Yoga is the science that takes us to a deeper knowledge of ourselves, and to a better understanding of life... It's the way to find peace within."    -Cel

My Classes

MONDAY 9:15 AM - Ashtanga Flow

MONDAY 6:00 PM - Mysore Style Practice

WEDNESDAY  9:15 AM - Vinyasa Flow

FRIDAY 9:15AM - Gentle Yoga

FRIDAY 10:30 AM - The 55+ Club