Yoga Schedule

Yoga Pricing 

Drop In: $10

Unlimited Monthly Pass: $55

Four Month Pass $ 180

Welcome to Christopher's Yoga Studio! 

If you are new to the studio here are some simple instructions to make your first visit more comfortable:

The studio can be accessed through the back door of the Herb Shop for classes held before and after the shop hours. The door is located inside the garden. The gate will appear locked but you simply lift the handle. The door also has a sign that reads employees only. Please come on in. There is a staircase immediately to your left that leads you to the studio. 

Fill out a new student disclosure paper and leave it on the desk. 

We are tracking attendance to get an idea of what schedule is working so please sign in, write the date and time and how you are paying or if you have a pass.  

E-mail me directly with any questions, concerns or comments. 

Bobbie Henderson @

We are grateful to have you part of the Center community.